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Stop Pain NOW! Sub Pressure Lipo Suction! End obesity NOW with consistent weight loss! Stop Cancer NOW! Stop Heart Disease NOW! Stop Diabetes NOW! Balance Chakras & Discover Your Power Plants!
Enter the Threshold To Health!
From The Medical Dark Ages To Zero Disease

The Applied Lymphology Course is the system of support and training that will give you what you deserve as far as the level of empowerment you've been looking for. 

Dr C Samuel West said, "This course is the most powerful health education program in the world!"  A big statement, which we do believe was correct, and this program has only become much more powerful over time.

Are you ready to change your life for the better?  You've found the right program.

Because this course teaches the hidden science behind all the healing arts and personal empowerment, this program greatly increases the effectiveness of any other method or technique, healing art or technology, for all levels of personal or professional use.

With the simple and easy Power Heal™ techniques:

• Increase energy
• Reverse degenerative diseases
• Improve your health and life in general

    Discover how to:
    • Put your neck and hips in place in seconds!
      — Relieving your headaches and lower back pain!
    • Take the pain and swelling out of burns
    • Relieve pain from sore arms and legs; muscles, joints and other areas
    • Remove pain from smashed fingers, broken bones, etc., within minutes or hours, instead of weeks or months
         — With this science, we have the X-rays to prove that people have set broken bones, without pins and surgery, even while waiting for surgery.

You will learn:

• The Life Processes (beginning with the cell level)
• The cause of the Death Process
• What daily habits speed up the Death Process — The cause of pain, suffering and death by disease!
• The Pure Laws and Principles of Prevention
• How to conquer disease, relieve pain by yourself at home — and all without costly medication
• The new approach for Zero Disease™
• Simple and easy Power Heal™ techniques

This Course Contains:

Special Reports, Presentation Charts & Reference manuals. 
     Compatible with PC and Mac users (.pdf Literature, .mp3 Audio, HD Video streams through YouTube)

— Literature: 
• Conquer Pain & Disease
• Fundamental Principles of Lymphology (Charts)
• Introduction to the Science of Lymphology
• The Golden Seven Plus One
• The Golden Seven Plus Two - (Newer)
   — Technique Literature:
     • How to Purify and Heal the Body
     • Discover the Electrical Power Plants in Your Body
   — Certified Lymphologist Resources, including:
     • Examination for Certification in Lymphology
     — 261 questions - page numbers for answers - open book 
     • Instructor’s Manual
     — Charts and Documentation of Research
            including many, many other special articles


— Audios: 
• Introducing - Threshold To Health
• From the "Medical Dark Ages" to Zero Disease™
• Research & History of Clarity University
• Fundamental Principles of Lymphology (30 tracks)
• How to Purify & Heal the Body
• Discover Your Power Plants - The Series (18 tracks)

— Bonus Historic Audio Collection: 
• The 7 Best of Dr. C. Samuel West — Original Audios
     Titles included:
          1 • Heal Your Own Body
          2 • The Health Revolution Of The Century
          3 • Medical Research Proves Trapped Blood Proteins Cause Disease & Death
          4 • Human Sacrifice In America (Shocking, But True)
          5 • NHF 27th Annual Convention '82 - How to Conquer Disease with 8 Keys to Beauty and Peace
          6 • The Golden Family Self-Help Program - Part 1
          7 • The Golden Family Self-Help Program - Part 2
     Plus one other bonus audio included:
             • I Testify

— Videos: 
• Why It’s Possible (Four 1 Hour Videos) - NEW Version! NEW graphics! Green screen effects! Education is FUN!
     — These teach the Seven Golden Discoveries, Formulas for Life and Death, Art of Lymphasizing, and Pure Laws & Principles necessary for Zero Disease™ 

Why It's Possible - NEW! 

• Power Heal™ Video Series - NEW Version! (12 Videos)
     — These teach step by step demonstrations of simple and easy Power Heal™ methods

NEW Power Heal™ Video Series! 

• Years ago, experts predicted CD's and DVD's being a thing of the past, so we jumped ahead of the curve.  CD's and DVD's are already being phased out, especially with the benefits of new online technology.  Small laptops, tablets and phones don't even have a disc drive.  CD's and DVD's get scratched, misplaced, and are outdated as soon as another update is available.  None of this material will get scratched or clutter your living space!

Since we recently produced 12 new videos on the techniques alone, everyone with the old disc programs are outdated.  However, with the online course, you'll get updated for FREE and instantly, as the course is upgraded over time, which makes it more and more valuable over time.

Having easy access on your smart phones, tablets, laptops, smart TV's, and computers - anything that has internet access, anywhere in the world - can be vital in emergency situations!  With all the smart phones and tablets out there today, this is a convenient and clean way to go!

For many health problems, we feel that the applications of the principles and Power Heal™ techniques taught through Zero Disease are the most effective, most efficient and the least expensive in the world!  They are also the easiest to use.  The simplest things are the most powerful things.

As you study the ALC, you will learn that Lymphology, also referred to as "The Art of Lymphasizing," should be taught by all of the healing arts. — Because:

If you choose one or two modalities, or even six or seven, you're limited within each modality you chose.  The greatest thing this science has to offer is to clearly show you what the pure laws and principles are that ALL healing arts and ALL personal empowerment programs use, without really understanding it.  The point is, when you better understand the principles, you can perform better techniques and get better results.

Plus, without this particular training, it would most likely take you a lifetime or longer to reach any one of several aspects of empowerment, as they are not available through ANY other training in the world!

With the online course you are about to have immediate access to, the learning curve is eliminated.  And even after learning every single truth the online course has to offer, one single weekend at our LIVE training will give you greater empowerments.  We've put everything we can into the literature, audio's and video's, but some things can only be delivered LIVE.  You'll understand when you attend the live training, why it still would have taken you a lifetime or longer to reach certain aspects of empowerment, without the live training we provide.  Experience is KING and you want to have the right people providing it to you.

There is a lot to learn and experience here, and when you apply the correct principles, you get the correct results.  One of our goals, with the right formulas, is to help bring the talents of all the healing arts together into ONE.  And what's unique about this program is that we actually have the formula for life and death, which has the power to do just that.  So, if the modality was a tribe, if you study a modality, you belong to that tribe.  If you study this program, you understand all of the tribal languages or all the modalities.  Because this program encompasses all healing arts and all modalities, as it lays the scientific foundation of ALL of them.

Our ultimate goal is to 'conquer disease, end poverty, establish peace, and transcend government worldwide.  In order to do any of these things, we have to do ALL of them, because it's ALL connected!

When we really understand the significance of everything being inter-connected, just by obtaining the empowerments in this program automatically increases your chances of achieving success in every other aspect of your life.

Lymphology encompasses the proper and effective use of all the natural healing arts - and this program will teach you more about it than you can learn anywhere else in the world.

Without the knowledge available in this course, the other healing arts will always be incomplete.

Those who earn a Certified Lymphologist (CL) degree will understand the true science behind each healing art.

By properly applying the training received with the Applied Lymphology Course, you can greatly increase the effectiveness of any other healing art or technology - this is light years ahead of manual lymphatic drainage or lymphatic massage.  It's a new dawn.

Several of the healing techniques you will learn are worth the entire course by themselves.
Plus, the increased power of prevention you will recieve is worth the whole course by itself.

"Intellectuals solve problems, geniuses prevent them." - Albert Einstein

— CL Degree 
The Certified Lymphologist (CL) degree is an optional benefit which is included for those who register for "Certified Lymphology University" - (CLU), also known as our Power Heal weekend.  Attending this wonderful LIVE hands-on training workshop, along with completing the Examination for Certification (261 questions - page numbers for answers - open book), are both required to qualify for the CL degree, and are an amazing value of experience.

Both attending the CLU events and completing the exam are the two of most powerful things anyone can do for themselves and their loved ones, so we recommend everyone experience them both, whether they feel they want the CL degree or not!

The exam is printable, so if you would like to print out a copy of the exam for every family members in your household who would like to complete it, you can do so.  Some of the fastest and easiest methods in the world for you to learn are being utilized for you in this program.

Applied Lymphology Course 
Power Heal™ — YOU!

$2,995.00 — Without live Power Heal & CLU training or Certification fees.

$4,995.00 — Includes live Power Heal & CLU training & Certification fees for 1.

$5,995.00 — Includes live Power Heal & CLU training & Certification fees for 2.
Add only $1,000.00 for each additional Certified Lymphologist degree within your household (includes the live training for them).

Order Now:


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We can also take your credit card information right over the phone, if that would be more convenient for you!
If we don't answer the phone right away, just leave a message and we'll get back with you as soon as possible!

It's time to take action!

One advantage of locking in your membership NOW is that the costs will likely go up in the future, due to inflation and continued updates have continuted to make this program more and more valuable.  If not this, what?  If not now, when?  NEVER, most likely!  Avoid becoming a statistic of those who lack this knowledge!  It's time to let your fingers do the walking - fill out your order NOW!  You'll be glad you did!

The #1 cause of bankrupcy is surprise health care issues and 75% have full coverage insurance!
There are many ways this course can pay for itself.
Start saving yourself and your family!


Expect training not available in any International Academy, College, University, Medical School
or any where else in the World!

Our Guarantee:  If you complete this course, you will learn the cause of pain and every degenerative disease known to man, at the cell level, documented medically, in lay terms - yet in detail!  You will also learn the secret to the healing processes, along with the most powerful and advanced healing techniques in the world, that we have ever seen - Power Heal!

Application for financial help, for those who qualify.


Our more advanced degrees including Doctor of Lymphology (DL)* and Doctor of Preventive Medicine (PMD)*
are granted by qualification only, for professionals only.  Contact us for further details.

Disclaimer: *DL (Doctor of Lymphology), PMD (Doctor of Preventive Medicine) are Non-Secular, Non-Licensed & Non-Medical doctorates.
The material on this website is provided for educational purposes only.  We do not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.
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